How To Remove Duplicates In Excel | How do you easily remove duplicates in Excel?

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As you all know that Excel is a powerful tool which enables us to analyze and organize our data. However, while doing some big work with the dataset, we have to face some duplicate entries which hampers our work and functionality. Let’s know the problem of some data

Problem of duplicate data:

Duplicate data refers to some entries that the set may give to you more than once. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as merging datasets, speed of entering data, or extended sessions.
Whatever may be the reason here data is facing many such pitfalls and challenges.

A. Wrong Analysis:
Duplicate entries can alter statistical analysis to make decisions based on what was wrong.

B. Waste of resources: Duplicate data causes unnecessary storage space, increases file size and slows down Excel’s performance.

C. Error and Confusion: The risk of errors increases when dealing with duplicate data as users may inadvertently make the wrong reference but others may not.

Identify duplicate data:

Before duplicate data becomes strategic, it is necessary to identify duplicate data. Excel has many techniques to identify duplicate data are given below:

A. Shortcut Formatting: Excel’s essential feature, the Transfer feature, allows you to format duplicate characters. In this, you can also decide the composition rules to combine two or more columns and you can also highlight them in different colors.

B. IDENTIFY THROUGH REPEATION: Excel may have a special built in formula called ‘COUNTIF’ which will count the number of duplicates in one of your two columns. Using this you can identify duplicate values.

Here you have the problem of duplicate data and now we will find the answer which is given below and use it you can solve your problem very easily

Remove duplicate data in excel are given below several steps:

  1. First you need to identify duplicate data:
    First you need to identify duplicates you should have the data of the column due to which you can identify the duplicate data
  2. use the “REMOVE DUPLICATES”:
    Use Remove Duplicate You can remove duplicate data in excel follow the steps are given:
  • Select the clone in which you want to remove duplicate data
  • Now go to the Home tab and in the Styling section, you will see the merge button
  • Now press this button and select the file option
  • Go to the Merge dialog box and press the Done button only once. Now you click on the OK button, by doing this duplicate data will be removed.

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Use conditional file to remove duplicate data:

follow the steps given below:

  • Select the column in which you can remove duplicate data.
  • Now you can go to the Home tab and find the Styling section and Conditional Formatting button.
  • Now select the new rule and select the logical instruction as the file.
  • Now use the formula we have given in the box: COUNTIF(($A$1:$A$10,A1)>
  • Under Select Color field may select the appropriate color
  • Now click on the OK button

These steps will let you highlight duplicate data.

‘Remove Duplicate’ and ‘Copy to another location’:

If you want to move your duplicate data to some other place, then follow the steps given below:

  • Select the column in which you want to remove duplicate data.
  • Now go to home then find the styling section and merge button
  • Now select the file option by pressing this button
  • If you want to copy, then select the move to a different location option and choose a new location where you want to copy the duplicate data.
  • Now click on the OK button

This will remove the duplicate data and leave only one copy which will be in the new location you created.

Let’s know a little more about this duplicate data that comes in Excel:

  1. Duplicated Economic Impact: If a financial report may contain duplicate data, it may cause financial loss to our business and may lead to rejections due to incorrect calculations and reflections.
  2. Integrity and Duplicate Data: The presence of duplicate data can become a problem among many databases, if there is duplicate data then integrity can be affected. There can be a crisis on the reliability and authenticity of the format data.
  3. Reporting and Duplicate Data: The presence of this data can have a negative impact on the reporting process. When there is duplicate data in our data, it can affect the integrity, as a result of which the credibility and authenticity of the provider is compromised.
  4. Formation and Duplicate Data: When duplicate data occurs during formation, extra data is stored during reporting or analysis. Here the compact data formation can prevent much use of the stored data.
  5. Benefits of Managing Duplicate Data: Businesses and organizations get exemplary benefits for modifying and managing duplicate data. Very conveniently organized data set leads, it helps to deal with related levels and the performance of the organization.

As such, Excel may modify the binding here to provide detailed information on the impact of the presence of duplicate data. It is important that organizations use appropriate and efficient methods to manage duplicate data.


Excel may be a common problem while working, which you have told and it is expected that you will get more benefit from this article, from which you can learn how to identify or remove duplicate data, so while using Excel, carefully identify and remove it. Data quality may improve so you can make more reliable decisions.
You will have to use multiple techniques to understand this, so that you can remove duplicate data more easily.
In this way, we have been successful in getting rid of our problem by knowing how to remove duplicate data, so that we can use a clean, reliable and quality printed data set, so we have given you the best way to manage duplicate data. I hope it will be very beneficial for you

This blog focuses on a simple article on duplicate data in Excel and does not consider solutions to the problem.

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