How To Create Stickers For Whatsapp |How to make own stickers?

How to make own stickers?

How to make own stickers?

Hello friends welcome to our blog today we are bringing a new blog where we will tell you How To Create Stickers For Whatsapp| How to make own stickers? if you are new so i want to tell you our blog is updated from daily new something different and full of information guys you don’t have to go another website , we have given separate and complete information in this blog, if you are new to the website, then just look at the new post and follow the steps and share the blog .

How To Create Stickers For Whatsapp

How to make own stickers?

How to make own stickers?

So let’s begin guys:

  1. First of all you download a sticker maker app which gives you the following there names either on Playstore or goggle

This is just a quote you can choose app or website as per your choice many other apps and websites are available on goggle you can choose among them as per your choice type whatsapp sticker maker on google and search for apps or website

  1. Choose the app you want from this, then choose the sticker you want, if not, you can become a then you make a self made you can also become a sticker, such as we photo or friend’s photo and your life or other that you like. You can make the sticker design from the photo or text, but while making the sticker, you have to pay attention that the size of the sticker should be 512×512 because in WhatsApp, the sticker is recognized only in this size.
  2. Now add captions to the sticker you have made or taken This will give your sticker more personality This will attract people to look at the sticker This will make the sticker stand out more You need to add captions to the sticker Captions can be text, emojis or gifs Add captions to stickers
  3. After creating or downloading more stickers, a pack of them will be created by the website or app of your choice. Name it sticker pack. The pack will contain the metadata for your stickers as well as individual sticker images. The sticker pack will contain a file named .json. Save the file. The work of that file is in WhatsApp which I am going to tell you in the next steps
  4. Now the last thing you have to do is upload your sticker pack on WhatsApp
    Understand these functions carefully and do this
    Follow the steps given below to upload Sticker Pack on WhatsApp:
  • Open WhatsApp
  • Click on the three dots on the top right which we call Peacock
    Open Settings
  • Select a sticker
  • Now click on the + more sign you will see in the top right corner
  • Upload the created sticker pack
  • Select the .json file that you created for your sticker pack
  • Finally click on Upload
  • Now your sticker has been uploaded.


  • Make a made sticker easily
  • Use high quality images
  • Try using emotions in stickers
  • Make sure that people understand the sticker made
  • Use necessary or good images and articles while making stickers.

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  • How to make own stickers?


How to make own stickers?

After following these steps the sticker will be added in your whatsapp so that you can use it now you can make your friends happy by sending their or your sticker then friends this way you are told how to make or upload sticker on whatsapp in easy way if you carefully If you follow these steps you will definitely get everything
Please note that this example is given only for your understanding, but you can create your own stickers and upload them on WhatsApp.
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